Light Apprentice
Chapter 2 coming soon!


When life in the world of Ethenia
is threatened by the corruption of the Yhrosian Empire, a hero will rise to protect the planet and its people.

Meet Nate, the Light Apprentice,
and take part in his journey through
a kind of "comic gamebook" like you've
never experienced before!



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In Light Apprentice,you decide how the story unfolds!

Comic book and game are integrated in a brand new way: the characters and the story are shaped by your decisions.

This comic gamebook takes a new approach to digital storytelling, bringing in a new range of possibilities. Light Apprentice is blurring the lines between comic books and games. Tag along, because we are only getting started!

Featuring hand-drawn comic book pages by creator Igor Noronha, Light Apprentice is an episodic adventure coming soon to iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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